Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

After our hectic Christmas we had a rather more subdued New Year. The older kids (Joe, Beth and Hannah) decided we weren't much fun and all found a different place to celebrate New Year. (Sam and Anika were already away on holiday and Rachel still in Auckland) This left us just with Lily, Noah, Isaac and J. At half past eight we all sang "Auld Lang Sine" then I told them that it would be a New Year when they woke up, and they could come into our room and wish us a Happy New Year.

Paul and I settled down for some blobbing out, watching DVDs. I bought a great TV series when ewe were in the states, called "Jon and Kate plus eight" It's about a family (true life) who have 6 year old twin girls and 2 year old sextuplets (3 boys and 3 girls) and it's great because it makes our life seem easy in comparison! Paul also likes it because he says I boss him around like Kate does Jon (I wish I were also so good at keeping a clean and tidy house as her)
In return for putting up with my choice, Paul got to put on Boston Legal - Beth gave him series 2 for Christmas.

The children have tried to make New Years resolutions. Noah's is to get himself dressed each morning. He achieved this yesterday and managed to have his shorts, T-shirt and jumper all on backwards! Lily plans to load the dishwasher without being asked, go without fizzy drinks (she originally said none for the year but we persuaded her to modify this to two a week!) and have a bath each day without being asked. We will be delighted if she remembers any of these! J decided to be our maid and clean all the rooms each day - this only lasted for New Years Eve and it was rather frustrating trying to watch TV then with her making lots of noise in the kitchen. We suggested it would be great if she could work on telling the truth, but don't hold out any great hopes for this.

My resolutions as always are to get fit, lose weight, stop biting my finger nails and get over my fear of driving the car. I am perhaps just as grandiose as the kids!

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Nan P. said...

Angela, whatever your resolutions for the year, I hope that 2009 turns out to be a good year for your little tribe, and J., and Paul and yourself. I wish for whatever you most need to come true for all of you.

And I am glad I found your blog. Hoping to keep reading you in 2009.