Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Proud of Lily

After my rather depressing last post about how Lily manages everyday life, I'm proud to say that yesterday she caught the bus to town by herself had a haircut, bought herself lunch and caught the bus home.

As always it's thinking outside the box that helps. She finds it impossible to read a bus timetable and her memory is too poor to just remember when the bus goes. Sometimes she will just go to the bus stop and wait for up to 35 minutes and other times she'll use her half price taxi vouchers and still pay rather a lot to get home. Yesterday though I suddenly thought to give Lily her own timetable with just the numbers that matter to her. I worked out what time she needs to leave our house to catch a bus into town (quite a difficult calculation as the timetable just has the time it leaves the outer terminal and I have to allow time for Lily to get a coat on etc.)and just put the five most likely morning times she would use. On the other side of the card I wrote the time to get to the bus stop in town (5 minutes before the bus leaves) for the late morning and afternoon buses home.

So off Lily went very excited. She went to the hairdresser and didn't ask to have it cut to look like Harry Potter or Professor Snape (both of which she has done in the past) Then she went on to McDonalds for lunch and bought water rather than a fizzy drink, and a kids size meal rather than her usual upsized combo.

When she got home she was delighted with herself and so was I. Let's hope she keeps it up!

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