Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rant about Noah

I have just had a call from the 111 operator saying someone has been phoning them from my cellphone and do I need help - I had just taken my cell phone away from Noah who was playing with it while he was supposed to be watching TV. I am mad because I had already said he couldn't leave my side all day but then I'd felt sorry for him.

He was by my side because he pulled a major piece of drainage pipe off the side of the house, this means the dishwasher will empty into the foundations of the house, so I've had to turn off the dishwasher - a major problem in a big household.

Yesterday evening Noah told us he'd thrown my camera out the window by the computer. Paul looked at it and while getting very cross with Noah broke the strap to the camera (we will call that Noah's fault!) The camera told the full story as it was full of pictures, first of the computer screen, then of the window blind, then of the open window behind the blind, then of the garden table under the window then of the lawn - it was obvious that Noah had climbed out of the window with the camera.

Yesterday had also started unpleasantly (although this wasn't deliberately bad behaviour) when Noah climbed into our bed and fell asleep beside me. I thought Noah was very hot and wondered if he was sick, then realised the heat was all around me. Just then it stopped feeling hot and instead felt wet and I realised Noah had wet our bed. Paul actually thought this was very funny and said he'd never seen me get out of bed so quickly, so Paul had to remake our bed before he went to work!!

I am full of cold and feeling very sorry for myself and now I really will have to keep Noah by my side so will probably feel even sorrier for myself by the end of the day! Roll on 4 O'clock when Paul gets home early so we can look around our being-built house.


Anonymous said...

Whew, sorry to hear that you are having such a bad day. Noah certainly is a character. I always remember when we came round to your house the first time and Noah and Griffin were chattering away at the table. They would only have been 3 or 4. There's no way Pete can do that now. So I'm always pretty impressed at what Noah accomplishes, even if he is pretty naughty.
I hope that your day improves and that your cold gets better too.
take care,

Richard said...

What a week for you! First Lily and then the Noah Cyclone! You must have the patience of a saint!

But just to put your mind slightly at ease, the 111 calls are not too big a deal, it happens all the time and its standard for the comms operators to call back to make sure everything is ok, I know cos thats what I used to do!