Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lazy days

Holiday time is really setting in now, spending days just lazing around at home until the kids drive us so crazy we have to go out!

On Saturday I had a lie in while Paul got breakfast for the children (this means going back to sleep after Isaac's 6am awakening) When I got up I decided to be super mum and put the wet washing to tumble before I had my shower. The day didn't start well when I found Noah had included nappies in the washing (bit cross with myself too as I'd checked the washing as I put it in but had only discovered two of the four nappies) this meant gel and paper covered everything including the washing machine. As I went to have a shout at Noah I passed Lily's bedroom and noticed our only sheet of wrapping paper cut and crumpled up on the floor. She had decided to wrap Beth's birthday present by cutting a hole into the middle of the wrapping paper that was only big enough to cover one side of the present. She had attempted to cut another bit the same size and tape them together but as she rightly said "It didn't work"

Super mum disappeared entirely and I became very grouchy mum indeed. Noah and J were sent to shake out washing and pick off as many white bits as possible and Lily was sent out in the rain to the Warehouse (a super store just round the corner from us) to buy some wrapping paper.

About half an hour later the phone went and it was Lily to say she couldn't "find the Warehouse" Luckily it was Paul who is so much more patient than me who answered and directed her back home.

The day ended better perhaps because Beth offered to babysit while Paul and I went out for lunch together (with just Isaac) and to choose lighting for the new house. Lily also managed to find her way to the Warehouse after a bit more geography teaching and phone calls from me each few minutes as she walked there to check she'd found it - (it is on the road parallel to us and means walking along our road then a link road between the two roads, a distance of about 200 metres)

In the evening Paul went with the older kids to the movies to see the Yes Man and I had a lovely quiet time surfing the Internet.

Sunday was Beth's 24th birthday and everyone but Hannah (who was working) was there for the lunch time BBQ. Lily decided to be a Yes man saying yes to every request. it didn't work out as well for her as in the movies and meant instead she ended up doing lots of housework plus crazy things Joe suggested like eating grass!

The older ones (Joe, Sam and Anika, Beth and James) disappeared in the afternoon and early evening but arrived back along with Hannah and her flat mate just as we'd bathed the little ones and got them into bed. So we had another celebration as we ate pavlova and brandy snaps.


Nan P. said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, it's not really funny, but you tell the "nappy incident" so well I couldn't help myself.

Angela, no matter what you say, you have So Much Patience! I take my winter hat off to you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Whew, what a day. I'm glad it ended a bit happier. The nappy story reminded me of when Colin once threw one of Pete's nappies at me in an argument. It exploded and the whole room was covered in urine soaked gel. I made him clean it all up.
Hope you all have a great day today.