Sunday, January 11, 2009

holiday preparation

This time next week we'll be in sunny Nelson starting our fortnight's holiday there. The kids are getting very excited, especially J who has not been on a plane before - or as she keeps reminding us she has but it was when she was a baby. Lily and Noah have been helping her learn about flying by telling her about flights they can remember. J now expects to get headphones, meals and movies (which they remember from flying to the UK) but will be disappointed as on domestic NZ flights you are lucky to get a biscuit - you only get one if you say yes to a hot drink as the biscuits are often tucked inside the paper cup!
Paul has been doing his bit by pretending the car is a plane, racing along roads to take off and reminding everyone to put their seat backs upright and their tray tables tucked away.

I bought some cute little children's cases called trunkis in the Ezi-buy sale for Noah and J. they have played on these constantly since we bought them and although I keep confiscating them to our bedroom they are soon back in the garden racing each other or sitting on them to watch Lily on her playstation. One of the little catches fell off one today so I hope they'll still be in good enough condition for taking on holiday - still they've almost had their $50 of play worth anyway.

Next week I won't have Hannah or Beth to help with the kids - Beth went back to Auckland yesterday and is back at the law firm tomorrow and Hannah is at a teenage Christian camp called "Soul survivor" and moves from that to one called Summer Wine. I have hopefully arranged to have a morning tea here next week too - we have heard of a family who have just adopted a Chinese baby boy with DS and they may come along with two other families with kids with DS. I hope we don't put the new family off!

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Nan P. said...

The Trunkis are cute, I must remember these when Cathal is old enough (and his little heart is well enough to allow him and his parents to "spread their wings" a little further).

I hope that you all enjoy your holidays, especially J., and that she has fun on the plane.