Monday, March 15, 2010

dancing at a 21st birthday party

We all had a great time on Saturday night at the 21st birthday party of Lily's boyfriend.
It's quite unusual for anyone to dare to invite our two boys anywhere so was really special just to all be going out together.
We told Noah he needed to behave like a grown up and he wore his suit and was just wonderful. He stood with his hands at his side looking at all the (lots and lots) of wires by the sound system, lap top and data projector then moving his head around as he traced their pathways with his eyes but he didn't touch.
He went out with Paul to the men's toilets decided "the hole wasn't right" so wouldn't use them - Noah has a very odd attitude to toilets almost a phobia and we can't often see what makes a toilet usable or not for Noah - he especially hates aeroplane toilets, American toilets (those that flush lots of water upwards) and those at Auckland airport. Later when I could tell he really needed the toilet I asked if he could be very brave or else go home and he choose to use the toilets!
He sat quietly through the speeches, telling me "I think this is a talking show and I will be quiet." I found it moving hearing the parents sharing their first thoughts on learning their new born son had Down syndrome and now how proud they are of him

And as for the dancing - Noah danced and danced - He is so lucky to know these older kids with DS and be included by them.
Isaac joined in too, he was amazing spinning round and round. These two little clips give an idea of how much the two boys enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic! Great to see Noah, Lily and Isaac having such a great time.

Karen said...

Great video clips Angela - I love the second one of Isaac and Lily clapping together!

Nan P. said...

This sounds like a very good night for all. I like that 2nd video too. I could almost join them! :-)