Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Isaac's first ice-cream

A lovely first for Isaac - I dared to buy him an ice-cream cone and he sat and fed himself. After a few minutes he got cross and waved the cone from side to side so the ice-cream fell off and I ended up crawling round the floor of the shop before it melted everywhere.
Our camera is broken but I did take a photo on my phone, unfortunately I don't know how to connect it to the computer but will post the picture when I find out how!

Noah decided to delay delay delay over getting up this morning. In the end I said "You can choose to lie here and rest on your bed or have breakfast" He wouldn't put on his shoes so I just put them in his school bag.
Hannah said she'd drive him to school as a treat (instead of walking with me as he usually does). When it was time to go he still hadn't come downstairs but feeling guilty about lack of breakfast I said he could eat a slice of bread in the car.
He was leaving with Hannah looking very grumpy, so I said "bye Noah I love you" He replied "I love you too mum, but sometimes I hate you."
Hannah said that in the car she'd said "Sometimes you get very cross" and he'd said "But sometimes mum gets very cross with me" - I thought I'd been very calm this morning, it shows how many vibes Noah picks up, and how honest he is.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Noah is so good at talking. I had a good laugh over his comments.