Friday, March 19, 2010

Isaac's busy day

Yesterday started with dropping Noah off at school very early (the special needs unit is so accommodating - when I said the alternative was taking him to the hospital with Issac and returning him to school at 11am they said bring him early and they'd let him play on the computer) and getting to the hospital for 8.30 with Isaac. Saw the orthoptist at about 8.45 and luckily didn't get asked "Are you patching his eye everyday like you're supposed to?"
What amazed me was how Isaac's behaviour regressed, We've had a long run without hospital appointments now and for about the first 3 minutes he was co-operative, then once he'd decided he didn't want to be there and I had to hold him down he reverted to his earlier hurting behaviour and started scratching, pinching and hitting me, It's so sad - I can see he's tried to tell me nicely he wants to stop and then when I insist we continue, what option does he have but to tell me again with his behaviour. Even when we'd left the hospital he took a while to calm down - a high pitched scream fairly often throughout my coffee shop visit and deliberately throwing his food and toys.

An hour and a half in the hospital seeing the orthoptist, the opthalmologist, the theatre nurse and having an ECG would be exhausting for anyone though. Even a mother not having the test might leave with a headache and a caffeine craving!

So Isaac needs four muscles per eye operated on - they will not touch the ones he already had surgery on when he was 8 months old. We had to be told cheerful things like he might go blind with the surgery, then talk with nurse who wanted to go for her break and didn't (and didn't want to) understand tube feeding buttons and their removal. Because the surgery is more major than they were expecting he can no longer have his grommets/ear tubes done at the same time - I so wish we hadn't waited on his grommets as I think his hearing is not great.

It was good after the hospital to be able to go to the opening of Palmerston North's new Plaza shopping centre - very white and shine and Australian like and a great chance to bump into everyone I know who had also decided to go to the opening. For a shopaholic like me these new shops are great news. Farmers (where Lily works) has relocated here to a lovely new store but I'm sure it will take Lily a long while to adapt. Also she will now be right next to a food court!

Isaac had his IEP in the afternoon which was a breeze really - its' amazing how much easier the pre-school years are. One teacher did ask if Isaac ate his vegetables and if we were worried his high calorie diet would be bad for his teeth. I though this showed a total lack of understanding of what we've gone through with getting him to feed but just said "I don't think its very good for his teeth but in the scheme of things his teeth matter less than his whole body and happiness"

We're in the midst of preparations for the Down syndrome ball too. While I was at the IEP Hannah kindly had Noah and he had to accompany her as they went round and picked up over $200 worth of purple and orange flowers kindly donated by local nurseries and being arranged for free by a floral art club. As well as displays for each table they are making 40 corsage/buttonholes for the kids with DS (and the zone 21 leaders and partners - at Hannah's request so she got one too!) apparently it takes 3/4 hour to make each one! We also heard yesterday that Pak n Save supermarket are going to donate all our soft drinks and that the Regent (our local theatre) is letting us use their big mirror ball for the dancing.

We're in for an exciting few days now as I was trying to explain to Noah on his way to school this morning.
Tonight a friend from school is coming to play - I got an idea this morning of how bad his ADHD is when the special needs teacher said "You're very brave" He is a delightful. very impulsive little boy (See if I'm still saying that tonight) who is overjoyed to have got an invitation to play.
Late tonight Beth will arrive from Auckland. On Saturday we're planning on our whole family and James' family go to lunch at the Coachman hotel where the wedding reception will be. Sunday is World DS day, church AGM and manic preparations for ball while calming Noah and Isaac so they're no trouble for the babysitters.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week Noah goes on school camp accompanied by Paul, then when they come back - as I put it to Noah "Two little boys will be asleep in the pink bedroom" We are getting our first foster placement since J - two little boys aged 2 and 4 for respite just over the weekend!


GB's Mom said...

It sounds like it should be a good, if busy, weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, never a dull moment, eh?
I always love reading what you guys are up too. Makes our life look very hum drum.
Take care,

Mel said...

What is with the teeth thing? Are they not baby teeth which will fall out anyway? I'm sure you have much more patience than I would have with such silly questions.