Friday, March 26, 2010

No Noah

I am feeling quite adrift at the moment as Noah and Paul are away on school camp for three days. It's made me realise just how much of my life revolves around Noah. Now we have no getting to school routine and I slept in till quarter to eight on the first morning - this morning we were almost late to Isaac's mainly music group because it is so linked into dropping Noah off at school. Isaac is enjoying the time with me I think, although he couldn't get to sleep the first night without Noah in the nearby bed. We keep signing "Where's daddy" and "Noah Goodbye" and Isaac seems to realise something is very different.
It's not that we haven't been busy - Isaac's behaviour therapist came on Wednesday morning, yesterday was ABCD group and then we went with Hannah to the VIP evening at the Plaza in the evening, it's just that with only four of us (me, Hannah, Lily and Isaac) the house seems so quiet and aimless somehow. Very fast to get food, hardly any tidying or washing to do - is this how it all all the time for most people in their fifties?
Paul has phoned occasionally with such gems as "Noah put his foot in Wellington harbour." "Noah is lying on the floor of Te Papa (museum) having some down time" But on the whole it seems Noah is trying very hard and they are both having a good time.
This afternoon my lazy time will come to an abrupt end as two little boys aged 2 and 4 are dropped off to spend the weekend with us and give their foster parents some respite. Then Paul and Noah get home at about 8.15 - the plan being that the three boys will be fast asleep by then. Hope it works!

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jimsmum said...

best of luck with the sleeping part of the plan