Tuesday, March 30, 2010

three more days of school

I'm needing a rest after looking after the two little boys for respite care (by the Sunday afternoon they were beginning to settle into our routines but them it was time for them to go home) I was talking to my mum on the phone about how hard it had been and she said (in the way only a mother can) "Well, you're too old. If you DID go out and do paid work Angela, you would be retiring in seven years time." No better way of reminding me of my age!!

I was just thinking that perhaps we'd have a nice quiet week this week when I realised that it ends with Good Friday and with that two weeks school holiday. Noah can't even go to school today as he has another nasty infection on his knee needing antibiotics and Isaac has just finished kindy for the term. Still one good thing about having two extra live-wire little boys for respite is that just Noah and Issac seems easy - it reminds me of the whole reason for having children's birthday parties, or of having childbirth contractions - it's so lovely when it's over!


GB's Mom said...

I like that!

Nan P. said...

I had never though of children's birthday parties and childbith contractions in those terms, but yes, I know what you mean! Thank you for the laugh you gave me. ;-)

Seriously, how do you do it? And taking on 2 more kids for the weekend? I so admire your energy, and the abundant love you have to share around.