Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back home but not to school!

We had a good (mostly) holiday in Nelson with sun, beaches, reading, catching up with my sister and her family and the joy of watching Isaac enjoy walking.

Also the irritation of 24 hours a day with a foster child who still needs to be constantly occupied, ask constant questions, be involved in everything and can not accept that there is anything she doesn't know - this is behaviour that was obvious at the start of her placement but had maybe been masked by the routines of school and not being constantly with us. Still we did see some genuine child like play with dolls and a Wendy house and it was good to give J lots of new experiences. I have also just realised it is the anniversary of her coming into care and children often act out then.

On Sunday night I was so looking forward to getting J and Noah back to school the next morning and having the smallest amount of time to myself. However we could hear Noah coughing all night long and next morning he was hot, just lay around and couldn't eat breakfast - in the end even a tough hearted mum like me couldn't send him to school.
Still we had J in her uniform waiting for her taxi. When this hadn't arrived by 8.35 I phoned CYFS only to find out that her primary school doesn't start back till Wednesday. (The only one in Palmerston to start so late!)

Can you imagine how I felt when I got this news. I am proud of myself that I remained calm (well mostly!) and survived the day!

Today Noah is better and has gone to school and we have a teenager from church here who is occupying J, so life is picking up!!

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Gail said...

We still think you guys are great.