Thursday, February 19, 2009

Noah's husband

Noah is being just great at the moment, no outrageous escapades, just cute stuff.

Yesterday Joe (aged 28) picked Noah up from school. Noah wanted to explain to his teachers who this was and I guess "brother" didn't seem good enough to explain someone so much older than Noah. So Noah told everyone "This is my husband!"

I tried to explain relationships a bit further to Noah but he still thinks that he should have someone in each relationship to him, so now I am his wife as well as his mum.

We also asked Noah to tidy away his clothes -Isaac had got into the cupboard and pulled nearly everything out. I think Noah is going to be tidier than any other member of our family - as the photo shows he even hung up his undies!


Nan P. said...

Relationships are hard enough to define at the best of times. Official bloodline and marriage "titles" can be inadequate, e.g. one can be so much closer to one sibling than to another. Noah's attempt to accurately define his relationships is to be commended.

As for tidyness, can he come over to my home and sort out my wardrobe too?

Anonymous said...

I wish the men in my house were that tidy. Well done Noah!