Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noah - maybe I spoke too soon

Remember how I posted that Noah is being just lovely at the moment? I even dared to say that his behaviour was great at his school IEP yesterday - that must be what did it. I got home from the IEP turned the water on to give the kids a bath and it ran stone cold.
This was the day where I had quite a short time frame for bath, tea and into bed because we were having a Down syndrome committee meeting here at 7pm. I dragged Paul out of bed - he had finally admitted he was sick after coughing for 3 weeks and having a temperature of 38.4 when he went to the GP - he said the hot water meter wasn't going round at all (In NZ the electricity and hot water heater are on two different meters that way the electricity company can choose to heat the water when it has spare electricity). we had a good look around the hot water cylinder for switches that Noah could have touched and even brought Noah to look and tell us if he'd touched anything.
We still couldn't work out what was going on so called the electricity company who said they'd send someone out within 2 hours.
After the committee meeting and when we were just about to go to bed at 10pm we realised no electrician had been so phone d again. After various gaps where the foreigner I was speaking too checked stuff with other people he told us that although the person I spoke to earlier had logged my call, she hadn't sent it through to an electrician. So he sent it through then and said someone would be with us within half an hour.
One of the advantages of having such a big family popping in and out is that Joe was here working on his computer so we were able to go to bed and leave him to wait for the electrician. Half an hour later exactly we heard the gate go - it was Hannah! Half past ten and she'd realised she left her book here.
Ten minutes later and the electrician arrived. He was here all of 30 seconds going to the fuse box and noticing a switch has been turned off - Joe was pleased to be able to say it was his parents house and they were unobservant.
This morning we talked to Noah and he said yes he touched the switch in the fuse box but as we hadn't asked about that he didn't think to tell us!
The fuse box is taped shut now and we'll just wait to see what our call out charge is!


Anonymous said...

Still think you guys are great. when are you free for a coffee? Gail

Anonymous said...

So what's happened to the regular posts??

We're hanging out for an update.