Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bored ....... for a minute

It finally happened and I had both J and Noah at school yesterday and today - tomorrow is Waitangi day and NZ bank holiday so no school then. I seemed to have so much time to myself, so even though I had been to the new house to check the tap ware, shown an estate agent round our rental as it's now up for sale, made some rock cakes and a spaghetti bolagnase I ended up with an hour to spare.

I sat down with my book (Isaac was in his cot for a rest) and it was so quiet that I thought "I'm bored!"

It's fully disappeared now then as suddenly we're inundated with stuff again. Beth is in Palmy for the weekend for a wedding, Joe needs to sleep on our floor for a few days as there is a crazy flat mate who won't let him into the new flat he's supposed to be in and CYFS have given J a timetable which means she is out four afternoons a week after school, also Isaac's glasses prescription has arrived. - I'm not bored any longer!


Nan P. said...

Angela, I understand that you might "feel" bored as you stop for an hour or so, you are such a busy woman!... Others call it "having some me time" ;-)

The more chances you have to give it a try, the more you will get to enjoy it.

And welcome back on the blog. Did you at least get a chance to relax during your holidays?

Anonymous said...

Yes, being bored sure is unusual these days. The wonder of kids, never a dull moment.
I hope you get some more moments to let you hair down.
ta ra,