Thursday, December 10, 2009

early morning business

Paul, Beth, Sam and James are at Auckland airport at the moment ready to surprise my brother Nigel and his family as they arrive from UK for their first ever visit to NZ. Luckily the expected 5.25am arrival time has been delayed a bit.

It is also the Diamond wedding anniversary for Paul's mum and dad today, married for 60 years! They have moved house and Paul's dad has moved back from the nursing home to their new assisted living accommodation. I hope they have a wonderful day.

I have been in contact with the home care nurses here today already as when Isaac woke up he smelled quite strange and sweet. When I looked at his wound it was leaking lots of watery yellow stuff and the yeasty sweet smell was overpowering. He has obviously got candida (thrush) I presume that the flow of acid stomach contents was what was keeping the infection at bay but now we have less flow the candida has taken over.

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