Sunday, December 20, 2009

tired and home!!

Have just arrived back from Wellington to a fabulously tidy house - amazing how it's the boys who make the mess and how nice it is to have Hannah's friend Rachel staying who is tidying the house while Hannah is at work.
Isaac is pretty miserable but I think some panadol and a good night's sleep and he'll be much better. The red skin is improving already and the surgeon managed to use steristrips across the really sore ulcer like bit so it doesn't look like too much skin has been removed.
Paul and I are exhausted too - I slept in Ronald McDonald house last night and went to bed at 8.30pm having been awake for much of the two previous nights. We had an Indian takeaway and Paul popped in to see Bret (brother-in-law) at his video rental shop just opposite the hospital. Paul went over to sleep on the ward and I intended to read a novel for a while rather than lie down too soon after the Indian and get indigestion.
I must have been tired enough to sleep through the indigestion though and woke at 5.30 am feeling much better.
We have some photos to post soon but I need to sort Isaac out now.
It is the special Christmas carol service tonight but I think we will miss it for the first time ever.

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