Friday, December 11, 2009

New kind of normal

Thanks for all your comments and emails about Isaac. Today we've adapted to it all and have reached our new kind of normal. Every time the leakage eases his skin tries to heal and I get a bit enthusiastic that the hole may close, then it starts to leak again and the skin breaks down again. He is not in so much pain now though and is leaking much less so can eat better.
We have the catheter out on Monday, then for two days his skin is allowed to suffer so that when he sees the surgeon at her clinic on Wednesday she will hopefully say "This isn't going to heal, let's operate before Xmas!"

Paul is back from his four days away which is wonderful. The kids are so pleased to see him. He has also put the two dances from the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics onto you tube. Here they are - I like Hey Baby best as it ends with the whole audience joining in. You can see Hannah and Noah dancing if you look carefully.

We're all in this together

Hey Baby

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