Monday, December 28, 2009

Our time in Australia

Paul and I are back from our two night visit to my brother's in Oz. We had a lovely time although the Sydney weather showed us how it could be colder and wetter than NZ.

The photo above shows how similar the four of us look, from left it's me, Nigel, Caroline and Jon. The photo above that is of the only time all five children (Caroline's 3 and Nigel's 2) played computer games happily together - as Jon's son Jack said "It's hard when there's 5 children and only 4 controllers"

Jon and Bev have a beautiful house that Bev manages to magically keep immaculate all the time. It was covered with Christmas decorations and lights and Bev also managed to cook some marvellous recipes from Nigella Lawson - I was so impressed with the ham boiled in cranberry and apple juice that I came back home and reboiled the ham Beth had been given from work.

We will hopefully see Caroline's family again soon as they're in Wellington for the new year, but Nigel and Barbara travel back to UK on Jan 2nd. We're hoping we can persuade them to come out again for Beth's wedding though.

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