Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Isaac's button is OUT!

Yesterday's paediatric clinic visit went very well, with Isaac putting on a great show of being a cheeky happy child and demonstrating how quickly he can eat calciyum and chocolate weetbix. This meant that in spite of him having lost a little weight since the home care nurse visited just over a week ago, the paediatrician said his button could come out.
Isaac's demonstration of happiness soon ended as he was first given his 4 year vaccinations and then had his button removed. I had not thought out the logistics of having a boy leaking smelly chocolate weetbix out of a hole in his side and made a very quick visit to the cafe for a takeaway coffee hoping we wouldn't have a pushchair full of mush by the time we got to the car.

Often the hole closes almost immediately, but this has not been the case for Isaac unfortunately. His already sore skin around the site is so sensitive to stomach acid and within a few hours Isaac was screaming with pain, taking small amounts of food which seemed to be coming straight out through the gastrostomy hole. At the same time Noah was attempting to disconnect the Christmas tree lights and I was going through Lily's packing list for the Special Olympics Nationals. Then the phone rang and it was a social worker asking if we'd like to foster a 2 year old and 1 year old with developmental delays! I said "Well not tonight as we may have to take Isaac into hospital."

Isaac has been awake a lot of the night and this morning is still leaking a little through his site but it has eased considerably. Positives are he has learned to take panadol orally and even to drink a little water. Also being awake a lot of the night diminished my wish to have three little children needing total care around the house, as we don't have a triple pushchair we would be more or less house bound and as Paul said "Even if we could manage it, we couldn't easily continue our usual life." I did manage three littlies at once (and had a triple pushchair) when we fostered twenty years ago but I was twenty years younger then and didn't have a Noah with behaviour issues.
So I've phoned the social worker to say 'No" which is a big step to me and a little sad.
Noah by the tree before he pulled all the lights off!

Hannah with her new car "Horton" which I posted about the other day


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is so fantastic about the button coming out. But I can't believe they didn't sew it up or something. Sounds hideous and painful. Poor little Isaac.
I really love the xmas photo! The new car looks great too.
Have a happy week.

Bronwyn said...

Great news about the button, maybe Noah could think of a way to fill the hole (i am kidding)!!!!! Sorry I can just imagine what he might come up with! You know Angela your days would be very boring without Noah, oneday you and Paul might be able to look back and laugh over how you managed to cope. We brought a fibre optic tree a couple of years ago so we didn't have to do the decoration thing, Hayley fiddled with it so much I lost the plot so now we have a pretty tree and nothing to fiddle with.
Nice car Hannah.

Nan P. said...

Brilliant news about the button!

All down to your hard work and perseverance.

Isaac and all you children are so lucky to have you both!