Monday, December 21, 2009

Noah can't spoil Christmas

Luckily we were thinking that having Isaac without a fistulas is the only Christmas present we need.
We tried to hold onto this idea when we went into the garage and smelt decaying food and noticed that the electric cord to the freezer was missing then remembered how when I had needed an extension cable for some Christmas lights a week ago, Noah had said he knew where there was one and rapidly appeared with one which we hadn't thought to check where it had come from.
So now all our meat for Christmas has been thrown out along with lots of vegies and ice-cream. We did stop Noah having ice-cream (from the other freezer) after tea yesterday but our heart wasn't really in punishing him - there isn't really any point as it was a long time back and he was only trying to help and punishments never have any effect on his subsequent behaviour.
After discovering this I went back upstairs to find Isaac had pulled out a whole shelf of CDs and was throwing them all over the lounge floor, Lily then told me she had got confused about which Christmas present she had brought for who so had given the wrong gifts to the wrong people while we were away. She had also put on a load of washing and just left it wet in the machine.
Never mind - we're home - and Christmas will come whether we're ready or not!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! What a home coming for you guys.
It was great seeing the happy photo and video of Isaac though.
I hope you all get to enjoy a very happy Christmas!!!

Rydon family said...

Oh no! I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. I'm glad Isaac is on the mend, I'm sure Lily's friends will cope with whatever gifts they got and the Harper home would be very boring without helpful Noah!
Bronwyn and Hayley.