Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buying Hannah a car

Hannah passed her driving test the other day and I immediately bought her a bead (for her charm bracelet) in the shape of a car this means I can say "Hannah passed her test so I bought her a car!"
She is a very good saleswoman though - I went into the jewellery shop where she works to buy the bead and she managed to sell me an extra three beads for my necklace!
She is now finding all sorts of reasons why she needs to go out driving and Noah has been very pleased when she's given him a lift home from school.
This Sunday afternoon she is having a late birthday party - it's going to be an old fashioned tea party with cup cakes and tea in china cups. She has had great fun going round the second hand shops with her friends and picking up tea cups for ridiculously cheap prices. I've told her we don't want thirty mismatched china cups and saucers remaining in our house after the party so she's going to give them to the guests as going away presents!
Hannah now has her own blog too.

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny, Angela, about buying Hannah a car. I must remember that one for Griffin.
I hope the tea party goes well.