Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quiet life for us

We are so enjoying being back in the school routine and having life fairly quiet for us. I even phoned the social worker the other day to say our life was so settled that we would welcome another foster child!
Still the usual stresses of life apply.... Isaac poohed on the carpet as I was getting hm ready for the bath - I thought if I grabbed him quick enough I might get him onto the toilet in time, but this only ended up with me standing and almost slipping in the pooh and spreading it much much further... We finally found Noah's library book that I had had to renew three times as it had disappeared, then today as we went to take it back to the library, it had gone again and Noah said he took it to school yesterday to give to his teacher ..... I told Noah I would start counting how many times he says "no" I got to seven in the first five minutes then gave up...... Lily came home two hours late from her usual Wednesday swimming and gym visit, she had met a friend at the pool and honestly did not realise she had been in the water for three hours!
This afternoon we looked after two boys from a family we know from church for four hours, they have different disabilities to our boys - FASD and cochlear implant. We went out to the park and it was interesting to see how much more communication was possible because they can talk well but also how much faster than Noah the younger boy could get wound up - strategies to get him to co-operate again seemed to work better than with Noah though - mind you he was on his best behaviour.
This is also one of the few times I've been aware of people looking at us, as we went into the park cafe with four slightly different kind of children. Paul didn't notice anything though - perhaps men have a thicker skin.

We've heard from our older kids about new jobs. Joe in Korea finishes his current English teaching job on March 20th but has found another one starting April 1st so won't come back to NZ (if Paul gets a big American investment to inronline Joe will resign there and come back here or to the states as a software developer ) Anika, Sam's wife, has got a job absolutely suited to her masters in business psychology, she will work for a recruitment company assessing the suitability of candidates for jobs in big firms - this has been only the second job advertised in over a year so maybe it means the recession is coming to an end.
Beth is still looking for a law job in Sydney, various people including my brother Jon are looking out for anything suitable so hopefully she'll find something soon - they are moving there in April.

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