Monday, February 15, 2010

Hannah's party

Sam and Anika went to a wedding in Hawke's Bay on Friday and continued on to Palmerston for the weekend. They stayed with Anika's family but Sam spent Saturday afternoon and evening here playing with our boys and even bathed them for us while Paul and I went to the supermarket for supplies for Hannah's party.
Anika has an interview for a job in her field of business psychology recruitment - this comes after a year of no available jobs and having to work in a shop so she is delighted.
James has also heard that after a year of no work he has been accepted by Macquarie university Sydney to do a masters and possibly PhD in ancient history. He's delighted and Beth has stated looking for a law job there. They may be able to wait till next semester to move.

Noah and Isaac put on their best clothes for Hannah's party - I found Isaac a little blazer at savemart (a kind of second hand supermarket) and Noah has his Ralph Lauren suit from trade me.
Once Noah was dressed he decided to crawl into the red barrel we bought to improve the boys sensory problems. Normally he won't go near it, there must be something about wearing dry-clean only clothes that makes getting dirty irresistible!

Hannah had made some beautiful cupcakes and she roped Paul into making some cucumber sandwiches - he took over from me because he insisted that the touch of vinegar and mayonnaise I planned to use would ruin them!
Some of her friends had made cupcakes too. We think the cookie monsters won the day!

Meanwhile I've been introduced to the blog by a fantastic photographer who has just unexpectedly given birth to a little girl with Down syndrome. She writes very well and the photos are just wonderful.


Bronwyn said...

Happy Birthday Hannah, I love the look of those cookie monster cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look amazing, and Isaac is so adorable. I love the barrel photos too.

Nan P. said...

Those cookie monsters look brilliant.

Isaac looks so well on the 2nd photo, so healthy, it's a pleasure to look at him.

Hua said...

Hey Angela,

Those cookie monster cupcakes are so creative. They turned out so well!

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