Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Spy

We seem to have shaken off all our bugs now - walking yesterday for an hour and a half to get to Isaac's dietician appointment at the hospital was the make or break point for me!
Noah is still having a few behaviour issues as he settles back to school with a new teacher, new special needs teacher, new class and routine. He's often defiant each step of the way with usual routines at home.
I decided to follow the excellent idea I saw in the thoughts preserved blog (about bringing up children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) and made Noah a numbered chart for getting ready in the morning. Usually he goes downstairs in the morning before getting dressed and then is impossible to get back upstairs to do anything. Now going downstairs is step 6, after 1. wake up, 2. say hello mum and dad, 3. get dressed, 4 shoes on, 5. brush teeth.

So it was this morning that I awake to step 2, Noah in bed with us playing I-spy with Paul. Fairly simple to follow at first "something beginning with M" - "mum","something beginning with D" - "dad","something beginning with N" - "Noah",
Then Noah the Aladdin fan with poor speech production tried again "something beginning with D". This time it wasn't dad, door or anything else Paul could think of. In the end he gave in and Noah told him it was Genie (Deenie as he says it)!

Noah kept to his chart really well and even took his antibiotics without trouble. I did get cross with him though because he had been up in the night (Paul found him downstairs at about 4am) and because I'd forgotten to lock the computer it now had lots of stuff open and messages warning that important parts shouldn't be deleted. Then the satellite programmes channel was just grey on the TV and when I finally got it working it seemed to have lost all channels between 36 and 136. Isaac's essential number 45 is playhouse Disney!

It was only when I got back from taking Noah to school that Hannah explained that all the TV channels in the 30's are sports channels and they've now added more so jump to 130's but if you keep going upwards you get back to the 40's again. This is something that even Noah couldn't have caused so I'd better apologise to him tonight!

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