Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get well Noah

Noah was absolutely delighted to get a card from big sister Beth with Get well wishes for his foot and a copy of the DVD of monsters inc. Just in case we didn't already know all the words by heart (from the dvd that eventually broke from long use) we now have it playing constantly to help us remember. So far he hasn't watched it through backwards though, which he did do with the Aladdin dvd ( I admit all I noticed was that there was no sound and when I asked Noah it was him who told me it was because the whole show was being played backwards - I am used to him watching it in foreign languages but this is a new way of spoiling a show!!)

Noah has had more issues with his foot so the get well card was great. He went to have it dressed twice and because there was still so much pus ended up having an X-Ray and ultrasound of it. He was very excited about this, but luckily no foreign body was seen and his foot is now healing well.

Noah is supposed to be getting more independent at school now and going straight to his mainstream classroom rather than having his buddies meet him at the special needs classroom and escort him. By Day 2 we had lost his hat, his shoes and all his workbooks!

We forgot that Isaac's kindy term actually started before Noah's school and got a call on Tuesday afternoon asking where Isaac was - hard to pretend then that we'd spent a lot of time preparing him for his return to kindy. When Isaac first met his helper again he was first very excited then totally overwhelmed and lay flat on the floor hiding his head. Luckily by the time we collected him he was enjoying kindy again. He had been in time out though for hitting another child. Good Luck to them helping Issac to learn from "time out."

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GB's Mom said...

Good to hear Noah's foot is doing better. It will be interesting to see if he rises to increased independence. It may just be a learning curve he needs to experience.

I think timeouts are greatly overused in the preschool situation, anyway. So I won't wish them luck. I have been enjoying your blog.