Friday, April 2, 2010

Noah in the kitchen

Noah has tried to help over the last three days off school. One day I came down and found the island unit of our kitchen completely clear - unfortunately everything that had been on it was now neatly on the floor (including sharp knives for Isaac to play with).
Yesterday Noah called me to look at his "collection" - everything he could find in the kitchen had been put in a carrier bag on the floor - there was a bag with Isaac's leaking cup, another with a flower pot from the garden, one with the food we were going to have for tea and all the Easter eggs stuffed into another.
He has also invented a new method of restraining himself at meal times - just stretch your t-shirt over the chair!
This morning Noah showed a lovely example of his concrete thinking. He was in our bed and Paul rather affectionately called him "you funny old thing" Noah said "I am a boy not a 'thing' and I am not old. You are wrong two times dad."
Not to be outdone Isaac showed me how his language is progressing. I gave him his breakfast (usually a high calorie mixture of Weetbix, nutella, pediasure powder, cream and a slurp of iron medicine) and said 'Oh dear I forgot the iron' Isaac started growling and I was a bit puzzled until I realised he was signing 'lion'!


Carmen said...

Oh I remember so well when we would find things "sorted" all over the house in the New World shopping bags! Emily went through that phase for a long time. However, she has now come out the other side of it and is so organized. I think it must have given her some sense of 'order' in her brain. She loves sorting things into groups. She is very tidy (unlike me!) and always has her room very tidy... I think it all started with those plastic shopping bags!

Anonymous said...

Noah is one amazing little boy!

Nan P. said...

I love the last paragraph. These two boys are very clever!