Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas celebrations

Rachel and Hannah babysat so Paul and I, Beth, Lily and Joe could go to midnight communion. This is a very special service at our church and incorporates the choir as well as modern music.

We got to bed around 1.30 am and at 5.15 Noah was excitedly awake so we let him climb into bed with us.

After a while I noticed the bed was wet, and our first present of the day was the contents of an ileostomy bag on our sheets! The day started with a bath, change of bag and some laundry, so for the first time ever the boys are dressed in the photos of opening the stockings!

We are getting better with ileostomy bags mainly from reading tips on line, so this time we warmed the bag on the aga, spent a long time drying the skin first then a long time making sure it stuck really well. We also dressed Noah in briefs as opposed to waist height undies and in swimming type shorts that close with velcro rather than a waist (this followed an urgent Christmas Eve shop trying to think outside the box clothes wise) This bag lasted almost 36 hours - our longest yet and only started leaking when Noah dressed himself in the larger undies again and pulled them right up dislodging the bag.

We had a traditional Christmas lunch and then our Christmas play written by Lily and Paul- the "Glee" nativity - some of the performers had never seen an episode of Glee but still the show went on until everyone rolled around laughing! To finish we all sang for Noah "I'll be home for Christmas" then he went round giving us all a hug.

Today we had Anika and James's family round for a BBQ and the weather was beautiful - I can not remember NZ ever being this hot over Christmas. I guess I am still a little stressed as I took a dessert pie out of the freezer, did not realise it needed cooking and decorated and served it raw!! Luckily everyone was too polite to mention it and could eat pavlova instead!

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