Sunday, December 18, 2011

Riding and walking

Improving even more today. Only one drip left. Noah must be getting better as he created more fuss having a plaster removed from his drip site than having the drip put in. A bit more of the real Noah defiance today.

"I do not want to go for a walk",
"I do not want to get out of bed",
"I do not need a shower"

Early in the day we took Noah off the ward in a wheelchair. My (Paul) driving was a bit erratic but Noah seemed to enjoy racing down the Hospital corridors. We went to my office for a treat and looked at one of Angela's hairs under the microscope (couldn't manage to find one myself to pull out!). Noah enjoyed this but got tired very quickly.

However his recover is amazing. This evening we went for a walk to the main entrance of the hospital.
Today I think that Noah (and I) are beginning to realise that it is a big thing to have an ileostomy. After his shower today Noah looked at himself in the mirror and cried. Made us all a bit sad.

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