Thursday, December 29, 2011

leaving the house

After the excitement of Christmas and hospital, it was good to have a bit of down time yesterday - although unfortunately Paul was back at work and quite busy.
Isaac is very clingy and miserable and looks like he's lost weight - hopefully just due to the total absence of his usual routine and people. Noah has also lost weight and is back to some annoying ways - like pulling all the wires out of the new kinect xbox they got for Xmas. We are still having a lot of trouble managing his ileostomy and I will maybe have to blog some of it just so I have a record I can refer to. But I have realised that we have been home a week now and Noah has not left the house!! I have been luckier leaving it three times (Xmas eve service, a short Xmas day stroll with Paul and a rushed Boxing day evening trip to the Warehouse with Hannah) but I feel I need some fresh air. So the plan today is go for a walk - I am leaving Noah 5 minutes while I write this for the idea to take root and then it will be time to force him!

ileostomy notes
Boxing day- change bag afternoon for leakage
Tues- change afternoon for leakage - same place
Weds - liquid output 250ml am, loperamide 2mg and marshmallows, leakage change bag lunch time and one hour later for major leakage, further loperamide at 4pm
Thurs - first thing bag change for leakage, green liquid output ?blue drink yesterday, cut edge of bag to avoid scar, metamucil given

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