Thursday, March 5, 2009

still here

OK I'm reminded to post as Beth needs something to do in her spare time at work.
We are basically whiling away the time hoping the new house will soon be finished. The hold up with deciding whether or not the concrete block was the right size for the aga (it was!) delayed things by over a week - but the aga is installed now ( I went to have a look this morning and its beautiful, I just hope it works!) so soon the floor coverings should go in and the rest of the taps and bathroom stuff. We were given a tentative date of finishing by 20th March but I think that maybe a bit over hopeful.
Paul and I went to speak to Js "lawyer for the child" for an hour this week at his request. It is such a complex case with so little evidence. He spoke to J at school too. I think this is so at this weeks appearance before the judge they can set a date for the contested hearing. So hard to know which way this case will go, or even should go. Let's hope it's a very wise judge.
Noah had swimming sports at his school. He was obviously cheered on by most of the children as he made it across the pool with his float. I was told he'd been second by one child and third by another - but Noah didn't care. In his head he'd been taking part in the movie of "Cars" and had won the piston cup!


Bronwyn said...

I've always been amazed at Lily's ability to re enact scenes from movies. Well Hayley has started now and her first "acting" preformance is the "love" scene in Mamma Mia during the song "lay all your love on me", cameron tells Hayley she is so gross! But boy she has it mastered to the final word. Go Noah, great swimming.

Nan P. said...

I hope all goes well for J. I am thinking of her. And I admire your and Paul's courage & love for her ;-)