Wednesday, April 15, 2009

days at home

Suddenly it's quiet here (for us that is). Sam and Anika flew back to Auckland on Monday, Beth flew back last night and James drove up with his brother and sister-in-law and also Hannah who decided to hitch a ride and told Beth she will share her bed!
This means that any quietness here is counteracted by how busy their flat will be in Auckland with seven in it rather than the three they've grown used to.
This morning J's social worker and our social worker both visited and we only had the three youngest here. Still while I was talking with J and her social worker and the other one supervised the boys, Noah managed to unplug all of Lily's PlayStation and TV telling the social worker he wanted to do a dance and bring the equipment into her!
I tried to explain how difficult we are finding J's behaviour at the moment, but I think it just sounds like we're complaining. Somehow chaos and bad behaviour surrounds J but she isn't misbehaving herself.
Since then the man doing the driveway wanted to talk to me and in that short time Noah opened and closed the garage door and climbed out of Lily's bedroom window. - I knew I was tempting fate last week when I told his behaviour therapist that his behaviour was fine and got discharged from their service!

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