Thursday, April 30, 2009

lots of appointments

Lily's ENT appointment was less frustrating than I expected. Not a great start when I realised the appointment was just with a registrar and when we had to wait 40 minutes with Isaac getting more and more restless, but when we met the doctor he explained a few things and listened to us. He said that Lily's main complaint -the pain in her ears with certain noises - was impossible to treat at least here (a few places try playing sounds through earphones gradually getting louder over a few weeks). He said that avoiding loud noise will make the ears gradually more sensitive to even quiet sounds.

He also said the ABR test (the objective test showing what sounds get through to the brain) probably won't be very helpful as it is how much speech Lily hears subjectively that matters. So he said yes to her hearing aid appointment at the hospital on Monday and thinks the aids will cost less than $4,600 and she can try before paying. The reason the hearing aids we were quoted were so expensive is that they have a computer in them which can try to reduce the sound frequencies that Lily finds uncomfortable.

Isaac has two hospital appointments today and not back-to-back either. So we've just returned from the orthoptist who said his squint is worse and he'll probably need his right eye patched soon to force him to use the left one. His glasses are on order though so she wants him to try them for a month or two as they will straighten up his eyes a bit too.

We'll have lunch at home, pick Noah up a bit early from school and then return to see the dietitian. Isaac still has not regained all the weight he lost when he started walking so he's still just under 11kg. It's hard to get much more than 900ml of food a day into him so I'm wondering if he should start on a more concentrated feed.

Luckily (well not for them) my friend's son is on children's ward at the moment so we were able to pop and see them this morning and she has kindly offered to look after Noah during the dietitian's appointment.

Next week I just have hospital appointments of hearing aid appointment for Lily on Monday and ENT clinic for Noah on Weds. After that we have two weeks hospital free!! until Isaac's paediatric appointment.


Anonymous said...

Whew, makes me tired just reading about it.
Thanks for asking about my mother. So far she is fine. She's not in Mexico city, thank goodness. She's in Ensenada.
I hope you have a quiet couple of weeks.
Take care,

Nan P. said...

Since Cathal was born, his mammy - my daughter - seems to be running from one appointement to the next with him. His diary is fuller than mine!

By the way, the sunrise photos are beautiful. I took one myself last week, and will post in on my blog over the weekend. South or North hemisphere, a glorious sunrise is so comforting!