Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pictures

We had a great Easter in our new home. Beth arrived on Thursday evening and was able to come with us to the High School musical dance group show. This group of around ten people with DS or other disabilities has practised hard each Saturday morning for the past term. it is run by the sister of Lily's friend who is about to turn professional and skate in Starlight express. Loads and loads of friends and relatives turned up to watch and it was sheer exuberance and joy seeing these kids give their all, dancing and singing to the best of their ability - sometimes not great ability but it didn't matter - everybody was celebrated!

We ended up with quite a stash of Easter eggs - this is how it looked altogether

we had a lovely family lunch with Sam and Anika and Beth all visiting from Auckland

On Easter Sunday afternoon we invited James and Anika's family round, our first true entertaining in the new house. The kids decided to put on a play and Noah was dressed as a king. At one point in the afternoon we couldn't find Noah, then noticed just a crown peeping out from the digger that has been out of bounds in our garden. When I got there Noah was totally engrossed and wearing his seat belt!

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Wow, what a great day!!