Sunday, April 5, 2009

lots of house photos

OK some unashamed boasting about our new home. There are a few photos of the only time ever the house will have been totally tidy - at the handover from Diamond homes' builder and many of how it looks after our settling in for a week.
the hall way
our master bedroom
and our ensuite
dining room on handover
and lived inkitchen on handover - the aga just a very expensive ornament as nobody could light it

and once it's lived in using the aga for cheating at the ironing (you just leave folded clothes on the warm top and the creases drop out)

the living room looking through to the playroom - note our household rules which are in fabric letters on the walls - it is amazing how almost any misdemeanour fits with having a house that is not safe or calm

and the playroom decorated with bricks thrown by Isaac

looking the other way to the kitchen from the living room

Noah's bedroom with a little bed that Isaac will one day sleep in

Hannah's bedroom - I was worried that the yellow walls might be a bit overwhelming, but you can hardly see them now!

two views of our upstairs (adults only) lounge

and the major impact that building has had on our garden - maybe we were a little naive to think we wouldn't need any work there!


Anonymous said...

Your new home looks lovely Paul and Angela. (esp the adults only lounge and ensuite). Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! Please adopt me too.

Carmen said...

I just LOVE it! I'm so pleased you're enjoying it. I particularly love the kitchen, I think I would spend all day there! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great. I can't wait to come and stay for Easter. I'm sure by then it won't look quite so tidy, and will instead look 'lived in'.

I'm interested to see where i'll be sleeping. I don't think i'll fit in the small bed in Noah's room somehow.

love Beth xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home for you all. Have watched and read with interest the progress. It's my evening treat to reag your blog, good to keep up with you all.

BSE, Suffolk