Saturday, April 18, 2009

My new sign

We're gradually (actually that should read Paul is gradually) getting on with finishing touches to the house like curtains. Tonight for the first time we will not have to scuttle into bed to avoid being seen by passing motorists, instead we'll just draw our bedroom curtains.

Paul has also put up my new sign. It's a copy of an old war time poster that was found at the bottom of a box of second hand books at Barter books second hand bookshop - they now make quite a lot of their money by selling facsimiles of the poster

It suits our house well don't you think?

Hannah has arrived back from her two days with Beth in Auckland and was here last night (just for long enough for Paul and I to go to the supermarket without any children) this morning she went as a helper to a teenage camp and we have to do a real rush tomorrow to pick her up from the camp after church, drop Isaac off with some friends and then the rest of us will watch the production of The Sound of Music, starring Lily's school drama teacher as Maria and the girl who runs their High School Musical dance group as Liesl.

I have just realised too that we have invited all families who have a child with DS to a house warming party here on Monday. It will also be a party to wish one of the boys well as he goes for his FOURTH and very risky open heart surgery the week after.

Unfortunately the driveway is no where near finished - I wonder if we could end up with wet concrete when everyone comes? That would be very interesting! So we're in for a busy time preparing for that now!


Heather said...

Hi my name is Heather.Proud mom to six,one of which came with that extra something,something and ... a whole bunch more.Zoey has that sign hanging above her crib and I once did an entire post about those words and how I try,TRY being the operative word,to put them to action daily.My cousin Victoria sells them through her blog,sfgirlbybay.Maybe that is where you purchased it .. small world if it was.Take care and enjoy the sign!

Nan P. said...

The sign suits you and Paul...! I can think of quite a few people who should have it as well. ;-)