Monday, April 20, 2009

Feel Good day

Yesterday we went to the local production of The Sound of Music. It was wonderful, so old and corny but moving as always. Then Hannah showed me how to use "I tunes" she wants to buy a new I Pod and hopes to persuade me to buy her old one, well I tunes is kind of like to songs as amazon is to books - you can find loads of copies of your favourite out of date songs. I spent hours (and quite a lot of money on the credit card) downloading some favourite oldies like "The way you look tonight" and "The Old Rugged cross"
Also through many of the American blogs I read I was linked to the you tube of Susan Boyle appearing in Britain's Got Talent - a real fairytale clip.
NZ's only real national paper, the Sunday Star Times also had a great interview with Michael Fox - I think I'd like to read his book "Always Looking Up"- I thought this quote of his about having Parkinson's was applicable to having kids with DS too.
"The one choice I don't have is whether or not I have it. But beyond that my choices are infinite. How I approach it is up to me. It has a lot to do with - and this is hard - accepting it. And that doesn't mean being resigned or not looking for a cure. But if you're trying to get away from it or change it, you're going to wear yourself out."
So all in all a day full of thought provoking and feel good experiences - and we didn't even make it to church!

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Carmen said...

I really like that quote you put in there. It's all in the attitude! Thanks for sharing it. I've forwarded it to a group I post in, I hope that's okay. I just think it is very relevant.