Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miserable morning

Thanks so much for all the kind comments on our new home - I'm amazed how many people read this blog!
This morning proved however that even living in a purpose built child friendly house doesn't stop children's' misbehaviour. J seems to always be in the thick of things with chaos around her but never doing anything herself - she's like a catalyst and she gloats over others getting into trouble.
Anyway day started with me in bed waiting for a cup of coffee while Paul did the Wii fit downstairs. I could hear Lily and J arguing as Lily emptied the dishwasher, then a crashing noise as Isaac tried to help and broke a plate. Then Noah cried in a genuine sort of voice and said J had shut his hand in the toilet door, Paul went to sort this out and J refused to apologise giving her reason for doing it as 'At least I haven't drawn on the sofa' sure enough a blue crayon picture of Wall-e decorated two of our sofa cushions.
Paul called me downstairs to help clean up (he wasn't impressed when I said it was actually a really good picture that Noah had drawn!) then when we went back upstairs we discovered Isaac had been into the adults only lounge and emptied half a cup of coffee over the new carpet and our lovely coffee table book called 'Colonial houses of Palmerston North'
Noah threw his new lap top Wall-e as hard as he could onto the floor and refused to do anything I said from then on. He almost went to school in bare feet as he wouldn't get his shoes on, just spent the time looking for where I'd hidden his Wall-e.
I forgot I was the adult in the situation at this point, screamed at him and dragged him to school with very bad grace, feeling quite ashamed when we passed a friend of mine.
I had calmed down a bit by the time we got to school and poor Noah eventually apologised for drawing on the settee and I managed to apologised for being so cross.
I was pleased I had a long walk into town after dropping him at school, so I could expend some energy. I have to say though it wasn't much fun to realise it's school holidays in only three days time!


Nan P. said...

Angela, from the 1st time I came across you blog and started reading I have admired your patience. Having such a large family requires so much of it, and so much love! And the mixture of your "trisomy tribe" and J. do test you. But you know what? I smiled a few times reading this post, you have such an honest and candid way of putting it,it hightlights how "normal" all this is. It could happen in any family, it just "happens to happen" in your very special family.

And of course you got angry - I probably would have way before you did. But (and please don't think I am being condescending here) the fact that apologies were exchanged from both sides is so lovely, so touching, and hopefully taught Noah a much bigger lesson than any reprimand.

Thank you for sharing this very miserable morning.

By the way, I too love the house, it looks brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, what a rotten day. I can't believe (well, I guess I can) that the kids are ruining the house already. That's why I am so glad that our house is such a dump. I totally agree in the sadness that school is ending soon.
Good on you for not decapitating the kids like I would have done.
take care,