Wednesday, July 14, 2010

baby girl Heidi

The social workers are bringing round a one year old baby girl in about an hour. It is about 20 years since I had a baby girl to look after so I am really looking forward to pink, pink, pink!
We heard on Monday that she might be coming so I spent a lovely time yesterday going round some second hand shops choosing cute girly clothes (the four boys I had with me - Noah Isaac and 11 and 13 year old brothers I was looking after while their grandma worked- didn't seem to enjoy it quite so much!!)
We know the baby can't walk yet but don't know much else about her except that she goes to people very easily - far more easily than a baby of that age should.
Paul is trying to remind me of the stresses the last two toddlers caused, but before she's here we can just dream that this will be a cute needy child ready to soak up all the nurturing we have to offer.
Noah has helped Paul move a cot into our bedroom and I've dug out the double pushchair, the baby car seat and baby milk and bottles. I think I will call the baby Heidi in this blog (this is actually not her name in case you were surprised at a Swiss name in NZ!) after one of my childhood heroines.
I can not imagine just how scary this move will be for baby Heidi, I am trying to think of calming, nurturing things to do when she arrives. I need to find Isaac's praise baby DVD and some nice scented baby bath then I think we'll have a quiet few days at home so she has a chance to get used to us and recover from her injuries.


GB's Mom said...

How exciting!

Nan P. said...

Angela, you generosity and enthousiasm towards children who need help brings tears to my eyes. I hope baby Heidi brings you joy.

And enjoy the pink, pink, pink! I love that colour too! ;-)