Thursday, July 8, 2010

cold school holidays

The winter school holidays often seems to have the kind of weather where you just want ot wrap up warm and stay home.
Luckily Noah and Isaac are happy to do just that, so I can sit and nurse my cold and feel sorry for myself.
Yesterday the boys didn't even get bathed and dressed till lunch time! Hannah is back for Australia and bought us all some lovely presents along with birthday presents for me and Noah from Beth and James. I got a lovely glass apple to add to my collection which they had bought in Berry while they were visiting Jon (my brother) and Bev. Noah has some great toy story games - he has just got the confidence to try the Wii game for himself after sitting and watching Lily play it yesterday. He has finished the first level himself and is SO excited - it is a real first for him to play a computer game properly.

He also got a Buzz board game where Buzz races round knocking off players tokens. It caused some amusement for members of our church homegroup that meets here as we discovered that Noah had been trying to set up the game during our group (while he should have been asleep) but had a few of the stickers in the wrong place - very interestign to see who wanted to ge the stickers totally smooth and in the right place.
Today we got it all made and luckily all the bits are still there (even if we had to unlock the garage to find the middle bit which Noah had taken into the garage to try to find a screwdriver to insert the needed battery)
I can report that the game is much faster to play than mousetrap and it is possible to cheat a bit by having stickers not properly stuck onto the tokens so they don't drop out when they should!!
During the writing of the last paragraph we saw the opposite of Noah's delight at playing the computer game as the control no longer seems to do what he wants it to! I may have to go and intervene!!

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