Monday, July 12, 2010

Wellington weekend

We just livened the school holidays up with a weekend away with the boys staying at the holiday inn in Wellington. (We may be about to liven things up still more as we've just heard about a baby girl who needs fostering but we'll wait and see on that)
It felt like a good break much longer than a night.
Lily didn't want to come as she had her High School Musical dance group and she stayed the night with her boyfriend (and his family!) instead.
We went to the Weta cave and saw a few of the bits from Peter Jackson's movies - this was much more fun for Paul and me that the boys so we didn't last long there - plus its only a small place.
Then we went to the Zoo. It was probably one of the coldest days of the year but at least not windy or raining. The boys were able to feed the giraffes which they both loved, they showed less interest in the tigers and lions though and search as we did we couldn't find any zebras (which Isaac loves) even though their website seemed to show some.
We had a swim at the hotel (and I moaned and moaned about my heavy cold and made Paul do all the work) then went to find a great pizza take-away - pizza pomandero which was advertised in our guidebook.
Next morning there was a doctor Dolittle movie on Sky and Isaac was entranced by the talking dogs. Then we had an enormous breakfast as part of our hotel package and walked down Lambton Quay (via a great magazine shop and Borders) to the cable cars. We had lunch at Kircaldie and Stains (which was surprisingly cheap) then drove straight back to Palmy for a special evening service at church where Daniel Rodreguiz was singing.
All in all a lovely weekend and it means we don't need to do anything today but let the boys rest!!

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