Friday, July 23, 2010

Heidi took some steps

Little Heidi is making immense progress. I am so used the the slow planned and 'hard worked for' steps that children with Down syndrome make that she seems amazing - although according to the book on baby care I got out the library (havigng forgotten how to look after babies!) she is a bit behind.
She took about four steps in a row yesterday and of course wouldn't repeat them when I got the camera.
We stood there applauding and Isaac looked at us as though we were crazy "I can walk and you don't clap me!"
She investigates everything - the photo is her amazement at he tumble drier. She also climbs stairs too fast.
We just need her now to adapt to Paul - she still literally shakes with fear if he comes close to her.


Bronwyn said...

She looks so cute.
She is so lucky to have you both.

Nan P. said...

Time should help her to start trusting. She must have been so badly treated! I dread to think.

But she obviously trusts you enough Angela to progress and walk, and that is so important. It must have been so exciting. I agree with Bronwyn, she is lucky to have you...