Sunday, July 18, 2010

clinging baby

all the time she's awake baby Heidi wants me to hold her. I can do a lot of things with one hand but not everything!
Isaac is of course very jealous. He had Paul holding him in church today which he usually loves, but instead kept holding his arms out to me. I tried to give Heidi to Paul but she just screamed.
Last night I put her in her cot to sleep and came downstairs for my pizza even though she was crying. She cried herself into a distraught state so I went back up and she'd cried so much the bed and her were covered with vomit (time to bring in Paul!)
Then I remembered the social worker mentioning (among the horrendous other history) that she had been left alone for 9 hours one day. SO I guess being alone brings real thoughts of abandonment for her and I now have an excuse to leave all the housework and sit on the bed while she falls off to sleep.
I so hope the baby sling I ordered from trade me arrives tomorrow!
I have just discovered that sitting her in a high chair in front of a praise baby DVD also keeps her happy for a while - long enough for me to type this post with two hands.


Mel said...

Poor baby, and poor you! I have a front pack which I am no longer using if you would like me to send it to you. It is one of the ones where you can turn the baby so they can look out the front and have their head and hands free to explore and you have both hands free too. I can send it if you think it might be useful.

Nan P. said...

Poor little mite. She seems to have had it rough. How can any one leave a child, any child, alone for any length of time? But a baby alone for 9 hours? It defies my understanding. I “know” some parents are not able to look after their children, but it’s just hard for me to comprehend what you have mentioned. And it’s only one incident in her short life?

At least, she now has you all to herself – at least most of the time. :-)

Poor Isaac must find it hard too. But I suppose he will learn that love is a strange elastic, it gets stronger as it is expanded and shared. Again, my admiration to you.