Thursday, July 1, 2010

Noah doesn't 'hit' puberty

Yesterday was Noah's 11th birthday - he was expecting to 'hit' puberty then, like one of his books suggests. Unfortunately (for him not for me - I want him to stay my little boy) he did not wake up with a voice gone squeaky and needing to shave! That aside he had a good birthday. It was a bit of a quiet start as Paul was in Auckland (for the NZ trade and enterprise awards which he didn't win) and Hannah was in Sydney with Beth. I'd been up in the night with Isaac so when I woke at 6.15 thought I'd allow myself a few more minutes to doze - next thing I knew it was half past seven, so a big rush downstairs to open his presents before Lily left for work at five past eight.
I'd tried to explain that going on holiday to UK and Disneyland really counted as birthday presents but Noah wouldn't believe that so I ended up getting as many little presents as I could for him then buying some others in the toy sale that only started that day. This meant presents in the morning and at tea time which suited him well.
Eleven is a great age to be regarding making a number cake - just cut a rectangular cake vertically in half and there you are! Paul also picked up some Dunkin Donuts on his way back from Auckland so Noah was very happy.
He especially likes the mouse trap game and the watch we got with money from grandparents and the book of mazes he got from Sam.
I am already remembering why I held off 'mousetrap' for so long - It is very fiddly to put together if you have poor fine motor skills (and leads to angry frustrated outbursts) there are loads of little pieces to loose and the game takes ages to play! Still it kept Lily and Noah occupied for about 40 minutes this morning and I now have to leave it on the table for them to finish tonight.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah! He sure is looking tall and grown up.
The photos of Isaac in the next post are so cool too. He's such a cutie. I always remember the first time I saw him as a tiny baby. He was the most beautiful little baby that I have ever seen.
I'm impressed seeing him eating with a fork too.
The disney land photos looked amazing too. I hope that one day we can get there (hopefully you will be able to teleport by then).
Have a good week,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah.
We hope you had a fantastic day.
Wow 11 already.
Love Hayley

Anonymous said...

Well Angela It must have been really disappointing for Noah not to hit puberty! But I commend you on your efforts. I brought a really cool book called "special girls business" with the aim of discussing menstruation with Hayley, got as far as the second page when she announced "yuck - not me", she threw the book on the bed and walked out! That's as far I we got and that was about a month ago.

Angela said...

it is the book "special boys business" that Noah has and loves - we have to get him only to talk about it at appropriate times though!!

Nan P. said...

I know I am a little late, but Noah is going to be 11 for a whole year, so Happy Birthday Noah! ;-)