Thursday, February 16, 2012

A bad camping trip

Angela is sleeping in a motel after a night on the ward. It is my turn to have a night camping at the Wellington Hospital Childrens ward Campsite (very few stars). I have the corner plot in a 6 bedded ward. 6 children and 6 parents in one room. Main past- time is trying to workout what all the other children have wrong with them. There are a couple of fractures and one or two are really sick. There is a lot of background noise; the combined noise of several TVs on different channels, a few children playing, interspersed with alarming pumps and the nurses call bell. Somebody is on a cell phone happy to share their rather personal conversation with everybody else. The camping facilities are rather basic. Water is available but it is a bit of a hike and there is not kettle. There is only one toilet on the ward for the use of parents. It is right at the other end of the ward. I know I will have to creep down there in the middle of the night.
The so called bed for parents is not what I am used to. It is not a king single, more like a "Twiggy" single. Ok if you don't try to turn over. The mattress is slightly thicker than a blanket. The base is sprung. I know this as I can feel most of the springs through the mattress.

The staff seem rather busy. I guess they are meant to be looking after the campers but we haven't seen much of them. They turn up occasionally and press a few buttons on Noah's pump. I suppose I got some help when I messed up Noah's bed changing his ileostomy bag. I said Noah's bed needed changing and the nurse gave me a pile of bedding and left me to it. Never really got the hang of 'Hospital corners'

Fortunately Noah is doing well. He has coped with a lot and is ready for surgery tomorrow. Hopefully he will improve quickly and we will be able to leave the camp site soon.

Good night and happy camping.


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Cyndi said...

We have lots of hospital stays too, but Dad always stays homes to tend to the other kids and keep everything going as best he can. I end up camping out at the hospital and had never thought about it that way. It is good to see how a dad interprets these events.. Good luck and prayers for Noah!rdatonc styptic