Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here at the hospital- by Hannah

This is Hannah

We're here in Wellington hospital.
After arriving with mum concerned we were 15 minutes we found out the hospital wasn't actually expecting us until Friday.
I took Isaac for an explore around the hospital, and when we got back noah had a bed - he is in a room with 5other beds, but lucky us because we have a small TV with a DVD player, and a large window with a windowsill useful for storage.

Me and dad then went to enquire about Ronald McDonald house, as the hospital wasn't expecting us neither was Ronald McDonald.
We had a bit of a treck up a dingy staircase only to find there was no reception there and we needed to go back across the road to the office.
We asked if they knew we were coming - and they didn't - they managed to find a single bedded room - which I politely pointed out would not be suitable for me
And mum to share - they then managed to shuffle around some people and found us a double bed .
After seeing the room (and the size of the bed) we thought we'd check out the motel Down the road.
There were pretty booked but found us a room for the night (me and mum shared a king bed) which was LOVELY, and hopefully they find more rooms for us another night.

Me and isaac are sharing Ronal McDonald house bed tonight, while mum sleeps on the ward.

I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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