Friday, February 10, 2012

school at home

A teacher aide and fellow student from Noah's school have just come to visit him and sit with him for an hour or two, giving me chance to update the blog. It is so kind of them and of my friend Karen who came yesterday and sat and chatted with me in Noah's bedroom.
Noah is trying hard but he really needs someone with him all the time in order to stay lying down. Lily sat with him yesterday but she became so engrossed in the movie they were watching that she didn't notice him creep out of bed and downstairs!
With the enforced rest and the soft diet we are doing better with the prolapse - I only needed to reduce it about four times yesterday and it was never far out or changing colour.
Noah is quite enjoying the soft diet as it includes a lot of chocolate and ice-cream. He is also having quite a lot of scrambled eggs which I hope will build him up a bit before surgery. He had a bowl of tinned spaghetti for tea yesterday and Lily sat upstairs with him having spaghetti on toast.
I've decided the rest of us ought to have the opposite of a "soft" diet in preparation for the days of very poor diet ahead - so we are having lots of vegetables and salad.
Hannah has managed to get Tuesday and Wednesday off next week so will be able to come down to Wellington with us, this is especially kind of her as it means not being with her boyfriend Thomas on Valentines day. The surgeons secretary phoned and is trying to do the paper work so we have a bed waiting at 2om on ward 19 and she faxed some stuff to Palmy hospital so the relevant person here can try to book a space at Ronald McDonald House for us. I spoke to both these people - in one case this involved having to phone the hospital and ask for Elaine, as there was no surname or phone number known! still I got put through to the right person.
The actual Ronald McDonald House is currently being renovated so is shut so I hope the alternative accommodation is not too far away.
I will soon start my favourite pastime of writing lists and we'll hopefully not forget any essentials for our weeks stay.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Angela. The whole thing sounds like a nightmare. An enema sounds like torture enough. I just hope you guys get through all this and can start living normally again soon. Hugs to you all.