Tuesday, February 7, 2012

barium enema

As with all hospital stuff, for his barium enema Noah got cold feet at the last minute. On the drive there he kept saying "turn left here and go back home, don't go to the hospital". He was alright for the waiting then getting on the table but when asked to turn onto his side he just lost it completely and started fighting. We ended up calling Paul out of clinic and with a bit of holding him down they finally got the catheter into his butt. Then Noah quietened down and even apologised to the doctor and technician (who we know as he is Beth's brother-in-law) for fighting!
The X-Ray unfortunately showed loads of dilated bowel and rectal pouch and in spite of having 300ml of barium in his rectum Noah had no feeling of needing to pooh, all of which is abnormal, although as the radiologist said they don't have much to compare him with!!
We'll see what the paediatric surgeon has to say tomorrow but this does not look like it will be a quick fix situation.

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Karen said...

Thanks for the update Angela - hoping everything goes well at today's appointment.