Friday, February 3, 2012

barium enema

We were delighted to get an email from the paediatric surgeon in Wellington saying he wanted to see us as soon as possible. He suggested Monday but it is the Waitangi day holiday and he has surgery on Tuesday so we are hoping for Wednesday. He said a barium enema would be the first investigation he needs to see and we were very impressed when the surgical registrar here managed to book one In Palmerston North for Tuesday afternoon so we can take the films down with us. Noah has to be on only clear fluids for 24hours prior - which seems a bit nonsensical as the barium enema is of a redundant bit of bowel that won't see any of his food! - however we are so pleased to be booked in that we won't quibble.
Trying to explain the process to Noah is quite fun so now he's saying "a drip up my butt" which is as good an explanation as any!
For his home school we have let him dictate his story to us in his own words - quite interesting to get his perspective eg "my tummy was hurting for ever" "the doctor said oh-oh, we have a problem, there's a hole in your bowel" "mum and dad talked and talked to the doctors" "I saw two big lights in the operating theatre"
Paul had the day off yesterday as we had some guests from Canada who are interested in inr online (Paul's internet business) it ended up that they couldn't get here till late afternoon but meant that I got out of the house for a few hours while Paul looked after Noah. We are very poor company at the moment and instead of showing them around Palmerston North today Paul has had to go to work and I have to stay here with Noah. We even had to leave them half way through yesterdays evening meal to reduce a nasty stoma prolapse and after breakfast this morning Noah's bag leaked so I had to put him in the bath and change it . Tonight they are taking Paul and I out for a meal so the plan is to have Noah lying flat in his bed watching a DVD with no prolapse leaving Hannah with instruction to call us if there are any problems.

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