Sunday, February 12, 2012

naughtiness from the sick bed

The novelty of enforced rest and a soft diet has long since worn off for Noah and it is a battle of wills to keep him still. This morning he was downstairs about to tuck into an enormous jam sandwich when Paul got up. He refuses so much food that he basically is only eating scrambled eggs, tinned spaghetti, chocolate and ice-cream on this soft food diet. He also has been closely watching me on the IPad and worked out our password for the app store. Paul suddenly noticed all these new apps appearing on his IPhone (the two IPads and the IPhone are linked together) Noah was playing on one of the pretty picture apps (heatpad I think) and saw an advertisement for all the other apps they make and bought them all! He then searched maps and I was really concerned that he would have downloaded some really expensive GPS system but luckily in total he only spent about $20.
Just now he got hold of my IPad while I was making lunch and he pressed buy now for a text book I was looking at on trade me.
I will have to cut this entry short now as he is in the front garden with the water blaster.

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