Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We are home!

Absolutely exhausted - Paul and I even more so than Noah, but so grateful to be home.
No ileostomy, just a blue dressing with no idea whats underneath - the nurses have no idea either but just said don't take the dressing off yet - will it be staples, stitches or dissolvable stiches?
We did however take off the cling-film like wrap that has been on Noah's scrotum and the three stickers for the heart monitor that the nurses said they like to leave on until the patient goes home as the patinet may complain when they're removed.
They were right about the complaining - Noah is doing plenty of screaming at us and everythign which is one way of telling he's gettign better.
This morning he lay in his hospital bed shouting "I hate the world" he threw his shoes, the pillows and shouted at me to get out then to come back.
He made a very fast recovery yesterday, from lunchtime still having nasogastric aspirates and needing fentanyl (an opiate) for pain to the evening drinking 4 boxes of flavoured milk and walking upstairs to the Ronald McDonald family room then back down the fire escape. He had had no exercise or food for a week yet just bounced back.
We have him wearign pull-ups all the time but he has mostly got to the toilet on time. Although running back from X-ray this afternoon was perhaps not a good idea and then realising the X-Ray technician had tied up the waistband of his board shorts which he coudln't undo made the mess even worse.
Still we are now the proud possesors of many varied ways of washing out a child's rectum (and will have a legitamate use of the drip stand we still have around from Isaac's tube feedign days to hold teh enema mix) so hopefully can get bowel issues sorted in time.
I think the next few days will show us just what levels of exhaustion adn stress we hav ebeen under, but at least Paul still has 2 days of holiday to go.

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